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Bug Discovered in Quantum Algorithm for Lattice-Based Crypto

A bug in Yilei Chen's quantum algorithm for solving LWE has been found, temporarily securing lattice-based cryptography and highlighting the need for ongoing research. Read full story ❯


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Quantum Algorithm Challenges Lattice-Based Cryptography

New quantum algorithm solves key crypto problem, urges research into quantum-safe security. Read full story ❯


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OpenVoice: Leading Innovation in Voice Cloning Technology

Explore OpenVoice's groundbreaking voice cloning tech, offering unmatched speed, accuracy, and control in synthetic speech generation. Read full story ❯


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Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) in a Banking Quantum Era

Explore how Fully Homomorphic Encryption revolutionises data security in Banking and the Financial Industry, ensuring privacy against quantum computing threats. Read full story ❯


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Advancing AI with Multimodal LLMs: Insights from MM1

Explore Apple's MM1 paper on Multimodal Large Language Models (MLLMs). Learn about their architecture, pre-training strategies, and AI potentials. Read full story ❯


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Accelerating Real-Time Speech Recognition on macOS with OpenAI Whisper

Explore how OpenAI Whisper and Metal Performance Shaders are transforming real-time speech recognition on macOS, offering unparalleled speed and accuracy. Read full story ❯


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Unleashing the Power of Logging in Rust with RustLogs (RLG)

Discover RustLogs (RLG), the flexible logging library for Rust with structured log formats, asynchronous logging, and extensive customisation options. Read full story ❯


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Le Chat by Mistral AI: A New Era in Conversational AI

Meet Mistral AI's new multilingual Assistant. An advanced AI that can understand and respond in multiple languages, all in one conversation and in real-time. Read full story ❯


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Google Gemma AI: Transforming Open-Source AI Development

Explore Google's Gemma AI Model: An open-source project offering ethical AI solutions for both personal and enterprise use. Read full story ❯


Abstract visualisation of AI networks, representing Gemini 1.5's capabilities

Unlocking Gemini 1.5: Google's AI Revolution Explained

Explore Gemini 1.5, Google's AI breakthrough, enhancing efficiency, quality, and context understanding in the AI landscape. Read full story ❯


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EU’s AI Act: Pioneering Ethical AI Regulation Worldwide

by Sebastien Rousseau (13 Feb 2024)

Delve into the EU's Artificial Intelligence Act, a revolutionary framework setting global standards for ethical AI development and usage. Read full story ❯


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Àkàndé Voice Assistant, A Personal and Executive Assistance

by Sebastien Rousseau (12 Feb 2024)

Discover how Àkàndé leverages OpenAI GPT's natural language understanding, PDF summaries, and efficient caching to redefine personal and executive assistance. Read full story ❯


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Revolutionising Advertising: How AI Shapes the Future

by Sebastien Rousseau (08 Feb 2024)

Explore how AI transforms advertising with insights on Amazon's Rufus and Meta's latest developments. Discover the impact on consumer engagement. Read full story ❯


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AI-Powered Speech Analysis, Translation, & Insight Tool

by Sebastien Rousseau (29 Jan 2024)

Explore how Audio Analyser, transforms speech-to-text conversion, text analysis, and translations for actionable insights. Read full story ❯


AI Prompt Engineering 2024: Insights & Advanced Techniques

Man analysing data on screens

by Sebastien Rousseau (23 Jan 2024)

Explore the 2024 advancements in AI Prompt Engineering, uncovering innovative trends and techniques revolutionising tech and finance sectors. Read full story ❯


Alien Studio: My Tech-to Art Journey in Photography

A Sunset's muse, a serene glance; beauty in stillness

by Sebastien Rousseau (15 Jan 2024)

Join me on my personal journey from Rust, AI, and Quantum Computing to redefining art and photography through Alien Studio. Read full story ❯


Qiskit & Quantum Fourier Transform for Credit Ratio Analysis

A Quantum Computer Room

by Sebastien Rousseau (08 Jan 2024)

Explore how IBM Qiskit and Quantum Fourier Transform revolutionise credit ratio analysis in finance, offering unprecedented accuracy and speed. Read full story ❯


AI Trends 2024: Insights and Predictions for the Future

A Drone View of London

by Sebastien Rousseau (01 Jan 2024)

Explore the transformative AI trends of 2024, from generative AI to AI in retail, and how they'll shape our future. Read full story ❯


Revolutionising Finance with AI-Enhanced Quantum Algorithms

A Circuit Board Cityscape

by Sebastien Rousseau (25 Dec 2023)

Explore the transformative role of AI in quantum algorithms for finance, with a focus on their mathematical intricacies and banking applications. Read full story ❯


State of AI and Quantum Computing in Banking: A 2023 Review

A Circuit Board with an AI GPU

by Sebastien Rousseau (18 Dec 2023)

Exploring 2023's Technological Landscape: AI & Quantum Computing Revolutionising Banking, Rising Open-Source Models, and Evolving Regulations & Governance. Read full story ❯


Quantum Key Distribution Revolutionising Security in Banking

An HSBC Headquarter in London Canary Wharf Docks

by Sebastien Rousseau (11 Dec 2023)

As quantum computers pose a threat to traditional encryption methods, Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) emerges as a game-changer, offering unparalleled security. Read full story ❯


Efficient Date and Time Management with DateTime (DTT)

A DTT Logo

by Sebastien Rousseau (04 Dec 2023)

DateTime (DTT) is a comprehensive Rust library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting dates and times. It offers a high level of precision and a wide range of functionalities. Read full story ❯


KyberLib: A Rust-Powered Shield Against Quantum Threats

A KyberLib Logo

by Sebastien Rousseau (28 Nov 2023)

A Robust and Quantum-Safe Cryptography Implementation of the CRYSTALS-Kyber Algorithm, to Protect Your Data from Quantum Threats and Cryptanalytic Attacks. Read full story ❯


CRYSTALS-Kyber: The Safeguarding Algorithm in a Quantum Age

A complex quantum computer architecture

by Sebastien Rousseau (19 Nov 2023)

Discover how CRYSTALS-Kyber, a quantum-resistant cryptography algorithm, is revolutionising the world of cryptography and preparing us for the quantum era. Read full story ❯


Exploring Generative AI: Shaping the Future of Technology

Holographic cubes at a concert.

by Sebastien Rousseau (12 Nov 2023)

Embark on a Journey to Explore Generative AI: Investigating Its Impact, Ethical Implications, and Future Synergies. Read full story ❯


Mathematical and Cryptographic Constants for Rust Security

A Mathematical and Cryptographic Constants

by Sebastien Rousseau (05 Nov 2023)

Safeguard code integrity with meticulously vetted mathematical and cryptographic constants, bolstering memory and concurrency safety for enhanced code security. Read full story ❯


Streamlining Rust Library Development with Code Generation

A White Building

by Sebastien Rousseau (26 Oct 2023)

Boost Rust library development with LibMake: A code generator tool that enforces best practises and generates initial code, saving developers time and effort. Read full story ❯


Protecting Data in the Quantum Age: The Hash Library (HSH)

A creative illustration on Quantum computing theme

by Sebastien Rousseau (16 Oct 2023)

The Hash Library (HSH) is a quantum-resistant cryptographic hash library that offers a lightweight, efficient, and easy-to-use solution for keeping your data secure. Read full story ❯


Shokunin, the fastest Rust-based Static Site Generator (SSG)

A Turned off laptop computer on top of a white table

by Sebastien Rousseau (9 Oct 2023)

Empowering you to create high-impact static websites with infinite possibilities, limitless scalability, and a truly unique web presence that you control. Read full story ❯


Automating ISO 20022 Payment Files Creation with Pain001

A very tall building that has a lot of holes in it

by Sebastien Rousseau (29 Sep 2023)

Streamlining the creation and compliance of ISO20022 Payment Messages for cross-border payments and reporting. Read full story ❯


The making of the Express Transaction Credits Platform

Man typing on a laptop keyboard

by Sebastien Rousseau (15 Feb 2018)

Developing a comprehensive framework for the next generation of Ethereum Request for Comment compliant tokens using the ERC-223 standard. Read full story ❯


Unveiling a new Cryptocurrency and Faster Payment Solution

Canary Wharf clocks

by Sebastien Rousseau (04 Feb 2018)

A significant chapter in the ongoing evolution of the global financial landscape, shaped by technological innovation, geopolitical shifts, sustainable finance and the future of money. Read full story ❯


ERC-20: The Ethereum Token Interface That Changed the World

Computer screen with trades

by Sebastien Rousseau (24 Jan 2018)

Ethereum Token Interface: Understanding ERC-20, which allows for the implementation of a standard API for tokens within smart contracts. Read full story ❯


Understanding the Technology behind Blockchain

Computer and Mobile screens with trades

by Sebastien Rousseau (09 Jan 2018)

Building a Cryptocurrency on the Ethereum Blockchain: A Comprehensive Guide to Blockchain Development, Tokenization and Cryptocurrency Implementation. Read full story ❯


Blockchain explained, the technology that matters the most

Horizontal view of a tall building

by Sebastien Rousseau (02 Jan 2018)

A story of the extraordinary journey of securing digital transactions through Private-key Cryptography and Peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Read full story ❯


Bitcoin: A Year In Review of the First Cryptocurrency

Physical Bitcoins

by Sebastien Rousseau (01 Jan 2018)

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System (P2P ECS) that has the potential to revolutionise the way people transact online. Read full story ❯


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